Why I have chosen Allen Ginsberg

I have chosen a blog on Allen Ginsberg since he was an influential poet in the 1940s until April 7th, 1997 when he passed away.  Allen Ginsberg had many special qualities to offer such as he was a song writer, founder of the literary movement, spiritual seeker, a leader in civil rights and freedom movement’s, and a teacher.  These are some of the qualities I admire in a person which makes me want to share to everyone who this person is. Allen Ginsberg has a unique style for his poetry which was called confessional poetry.          

Confessional poetry “designates a type of narrative, and lyric verse, given impetus by American Robert Lowell’s Life Studies(1959), which deals with the facts and intimate mental and physical experiences of the poet’s own life”(Abrams, 45).

Allen Ginsberg definitely used his own mental and physical experiences to gain political gain during his life. His technique”confessional poetry“was beautifully crafted which makes me want to research his life even more. He seems to have an interesting life that keeps me wanting to learn more, and more about him.

Some poems about Ginsberg’s life will be examined through close reading’s of his poetry. The poem Howl, Kiddish, America, Witchita Vortex Sutra, and Sun Flower Sutra are some of his famous literary works that will be indicated in these blogs. I feel these are the poems that have the most meaning to me since the problems that are happening in society today are similiar to what the poet went through earlier on in his life. The Cold War that happened in the 1940s is similar to the Iraq and Afghanastan wars that are plaquing the world in the 21st century. I am definitely against the wars that are happening today since I feel their has not been any justification of why the United States attacked these countries in the first place. In the poems, Howl, Kiddish, and Wichita Vortex Sutra all deal with the wars that were happening during Allen Ginsberg’s life.  Another reason these poems have the most meaning is family will be there for you through the good and bad times. In other words,  you can count on them whenever you need them.  Just like Allen Ginsberg’s life, he cared for his mother deeply so he wrote about her in a poem called SunFlower Sutra. Finally, I feel his voice was so powerful that maybe when people read his work they will be inspired to change the problems of the world today.  Through confessional poetry people can become a political activist for the future, as a result of learning information from Allen Ginsberg’s biography.    

I ‘am a stenographer of my mind. I write down what  passes through it, not whats going around me. I am a poet-Allen Ginsberg (PoetryArchive, 2005).