A brief intoductory of the trials of the Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro boy’s are mentioned in Allen Ginsberg’s poem “America”.  The Scottsboro boys made history in America since this crime had never occurred.  However, the case “produced many trials, convictions, reversals, and retrials since there was an alleged gang rape of two white girls by nine black teenagers on the Southern Railroad freight run from Chattanooga to Memphis on March 25, 1931″(Linder, 1).


Also, the whites that were thrown off the train by blacks went to the reporting station in Stevenson. Even know this conflict started because a white boy had stepped on the black persons hand, the blacks were arrested as a result of the whites being assaulted by the blacks.  This is another example of un fair justice or inequality since the whites did not go to jail, but the balcks did. For example, One or the other of the girls, either in response to a question or on their own initiative, told one of the posse members that they had been raped by a gang of twelve blacks with pistols and knives”(Linder, 2). One of the black males said the girls were lying, yet Clarence Norris was struck by a bayonet since the guard was taking the word of white girls.

Although the trial begins twleve days later, the boys were later sentenced to either death or to jail for many years to come. The sentence would depend on the crimes the black boys did. For example, Andy Wright ended up get ninety nine years in jail (Linder, 3). Hence, the good people of the South thought this was unjustice for the Scottsboro boys, so they fought to get them out.


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