“The Believer Magazine”

     Believer is a magazine mainly about literature( The Believer, 2007). A publisher by the name of McSweeney is situated out of San Francisco where they cover articles on a variety of author’s, artist, and literary issues from the past to the present. This magazine has particularly interest in pop culture and politics since controversial issues makes way for interesting topics.  Also the Believer has no length requirements which give the people a chance to express their ideas and thoughts of a particular topic optimistically. However, the magazine editors and publishers will focus on the author’s they like. The Believer Magazine has 10 issues a year, which can be found on DVD, and CD. These magazines cover a wide range of authors, interviews, book reviews, letters from the readers, and illustrations or cartoons throughout each issue.    

    Among the Believer’s, the mission of this magazine is  “to capture this aesthetic of mixing and matching, swapping and rediscovering”(New York Times, 2005). The people involved in this magazine reminded me of Allen Ginsberg since he was willing to fight for his own beliefs and say anything at the risk of the public outcasting him. In the same way, the magazine is willing to rebell against other people’s experiences, so that these entries are truthful and real. They value integrity and are very ethical when promoting their magazine as a literary one. Also, this magazine started because editors were keen to figure out someone’s life and how culture played a role in it. Basically, this magazine is used as a voice, so that information is getting out to the public in a conventional way. “The blending of pop cultural, academic theory, literary eosterical, and youthful apperances”(New York Times, 2005) have created authentic and seriousness to these pieces of literary works

      I thought this magazine was very authentic since the poem Howl was being critique in a commentary or confessional way. Rolf Potts uses Allen Ginsberg’s confessional poetry style to enhance his thoughts or feelings towards Ginsberg’s poem Howl.  I did noticed numerous references being made about US cities or states in his poem. Although he passes many states on his road trip, the state he is most attracted to is Kansas. Rolf Potts notes that Ginsberg makes reference to Kansas because he believes that state has huge politically support for the war and military operations. He also suggests that Ginsberg’s belief of Kansas as a red state is true since it mirrors Middle American Conservatism. For example “Ginsberg saw Kansas as the mystic center of America, celebrated by Whitman in Leaves of Grass chants going forth from the center, from Kansas, and thence equidistant / shooting in pulses of fire ceaseless to vivify all”( The Believer Magazine, 2007). In other words he sees Kansas as the centre of the United States Midwest from west to east. For instance, the poet saw Wichita, the ultimate destination of his road-trip poem, as the symbolic heart of this transcendental American vortex” ( The Believer Magazine, 2007). Although Kansas is a red state, beyond politically generalizations he saw this place as an ultimate destination linking a supported state to the US. Not to say this state would have welcome Ginsberg’s political views, but aside from that this state was ideal due to its geography.



2 Responses to ““The Believer Magazine””

  1. engl247 Says:

    An interesting entry that still needs some editing – so please feel free to goin an fix your work before the July 25th due date.

    I am very glad to see you have added entries – however, they are hard to find. Your front page is blank, which makes your blog difficult to navigate. You should do somehting about that (maybe add categories?) You can see the “category” link to the left of the screen.

    I am curious about the Kansas reference – you seem to make contradictory statements – one the one hand, Kansis is a conservative state that would reject Ginsberg faster than you can say “queer,” on the other hand, it is the mystical centre of America. Can you clarify this point?

    Finally, remember what I said about wikipedia in the first few classes – it is good as a jumping-off-point for research, but you need to cite authoritative sources for your actual blog and/or paper.

  2. engl247 Says:

    Geez – I just noticed all my errors in the above comment. I learned that I can’t edit my comments after hitting “submit” – so now I write in Word and then post. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

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